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Open Gate is a community where individuals live with passion and compassion, passion for God and His Word and compassion toward those that God loves (including the one we see in the mirror)! Wee Care Preschool, our food pantry, and our worship services are designed to help us arrive at the intersection of passion and compassion prepared to serve God by serving others.! If you have any questions please feel free to send us a shout through the contact form!

Worship on Sunday starts at: 10:30 AM. During the week, please join us for our weekly Bible study!

February  21, 2020


Pastor Bill And his wife Barbara

Hi Open Gate Community and friends

Welcome to the Open Gate Website.  There is a lot of things going on in the next few months and we would welcome your participation and prayer support.  WE are going to be highlighting the ministry’s going on in our community locally.



“Every ministry should be Glocal  (Global in Vision executed locally”




                                               Feb 23 will be with us to share about their ministry


March 17-22 2020 Restore 2020

is a City wide event hosted by the Nazarene

Churches of El Paso.  Beginning on  17, 18, 19th with the Tragedy to Triumph simulcasts.  Then Evangelist Norman Moore  will be here in El Paso 20-22.  Visit the calendar for these dates for more information  For more details about these events, please check out the calendar!

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