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Open Gate is a community where individuals live with passion and compassion, passion for God and His Word and compassion toward those that God loves (including the one we see in the mirror)! Wee Care Preschool, our food pantry, and our worship services are designed to help us arrive at the intersection of passion and compassion prepred to serve God by serving others.! If you have any questions please feel free to send us a shout through the contact form!

Worship on Sunday starts at: 10:30 AM. During the week, please join us for our weekly Bible study!


October 7, 2019

Hi Open Gate Family,

Just a quick note to let people know about the upcoming holiday events that are coming up.  It is less than 80 days till Christmas, which sounds like a long way away until you figure in that is less than 12 Sundays.  As we are preparing to reach into the community I am asking everyone to keep these events in prayer.   

                                                                                          UpComing Events
Oct 15             Board Meeting 7 PM

Nov 2              Ladies Bible Study on Gomer Ladies will be looking at Hosea 1:2-11, 2:14-3:5

Nov 7-9th      Pastors at midyear meetings

Nov 12             Cancer Survivor Dinner

Nov 17              Pastor’s Retreat

Nov 11-18th  Angel Tree Angels Distribution

For more details about these events go to the calendar page

Thanks in advance



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