Welcome to Open Gate!

Given the evolving threat of the corona virus we are not conducting in person services and events for the next weeks.

But we are conducting services and events via the internet services such as ZOOM Bible Studies for the next weeks.

*****Wee Care Preschool & Day Care Center remains open*****

For more information and updates contact us at: 915-881-4005

Join Us as we live stream on Facebook Sundays at 10:30 @EPOGC

Hi Open Gate Community and friends

Welcome to the Open Gate Website. ***There are a lot of things planned for the next few months but the evolving threat of the corona virus and the direction of the government and in an abundance of caution we are suspending services and events.***** We appreciate your prayers and support. We are going to continuing those ministries which support our community locally including the food pantry and other services.

Open Gate is a community where individuals live with passion and compassion, passion for God and His Word and compassion toward those that God loves (including the one we see in the mirror)! Wee Care Preschool, our food pantry, and our worship services are designed to help us arrive at the intersection of passion and compassion prepared to serve God by serving others.! If you have any questions please feel free to send us a shout through the contact form!

Worship on Sunday starts at: 10:30 AM. During the week, please join us for our weekly Bible study!

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