Pastor William BelgieWelcome to the Open Gate’s website! I have the privilege of being the Lead Pastor for the last ten years. One of the things that God has taught me is the fact we are all like keys. He uses events in our lives, the ups, and downs, to cut us into the perfect shape to do the ministry he has planned for us in advance. Our life experiences, the good the bad and even the ugly,  make us uniquely qualified to do what he calls us to do. For me, that includes 25 years of US Army service, the diagnosis, and treatment of Gastric Cancer. I am married for over 39 years to my sweetheart of 45 years. We raised two great kids and watching them grow up to know the Lord.
After spending 25 years in the Army, I see the parallels between being a pastor and military service are overwhelming. I spent a lot of my military service attending Chapel on Post, and the exposure to traditions and quirks of various denominations helps when dealing with the church body in El Paso. The cultural experiences in Korea and Europe and SWA serve me well also when dealing with other communities and helping people deal with the stress of military life. I would encourage you to visit with us and see if we are the church to walk with you through this journey called life.

I would like you to meet the ministry team for Open Gate’s Ministries:

  • Melissa Williams

    Director of Children’s Ministry

  • Rick Roberson

    Administrative Pastor

  • Jordan Villarreal

    Outreach Pastor


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