At Open Gate, we believe that faith is an exciting journey meant to be shared with others! We’re not your ordinary church—we’re a community of believers who embrace laughter, celebrate life, and share in life’s ups and downs.

Our worship services are designed to be peaceful and intimate. Intimacy in worship provides a space for individuals to share their joys, concerns, and spiritual journeys with one another, fostering a sense of community and support.

But we don’t stop at Sundays! On Wednesday nights, we gather as a community of believers for a powerful and engaging prayer ministry. It’s a time where we lift our voices together, seeking God’s guidance, provision, and blessings for our life, family, friends, city, leaders, and nation.

Our teachings are rooted in love, grace, and practical wisdom. We strive to make the Bible relevant and applicable to everyday life. You’ll leave our service with inspiration that has an impact on your daily life by equipping you with wisdom and guidance to navigate the challenges and joys of life from a faith-centered perspective.

Here, everyone is welcome. So come as you are and experience warm, friendly, and genuine connections.

Here at Open Gate, we have a heart for northeast El Paso. We’re passionate about making a difference and reaching out to those in need by lending a helping hand and spreading kindness wherever we go.

So, if you’re looking for a church where you can learn, grow, and make lifelong friends, we invite you to join our joyful and spirited community.

Our church is a family, and Open Gate is a place where faith is fun and love knows no bounds!