District Assembly June 26 via Zoom

• We will be holding our Conventions and Assembly virtually on Friday June 26. Our primary platform will be Zoom and we will also broadcast the events via Facebook or YouTube.

• We will be asking delegates to gather together in their home churches or in another venue to participate if possible. Pastors should arrange delegates so that they are appropriately socially distanced, but still in view of the camera. The meeting itself will work best if projected on the screen.

• Voting will be done electronically. Some will be done the night before. Some will be done during the event. We are asking to have a good email address and a good cell number for each delegate.

• The Conventions and Assembly will be hosted by Farmington Crossroads, but we are asking that only essential personnel actually go to Farmington.

• Delegates will be given access to a Dropbox folder that will have all the documents in it that are needed.

The Schedule will be as follows:


NMI Convention 8:00-10:30 am
SDMI Convention 10:30-12:00
District Assembly 1-3:00
Ordination 4:00

Special guests will be:
• Missionaries David and Glenda Wesley for NMI
• Dr. Scott Rainey for SDMI
• Dr. Gustavo Crocker for District Assembly

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