Sunday Morning Worship Services

As planned  we have been safely  worshiping together since 14 June 2020 and have continued to provide live streaming on Open Gate Facebook

Our goal continues to be to share the gospel, fellowship, and support, not the virus

Remember, the masks are there to protect others from possible exposure from you.

Tables have been set up so those who are in the same household may sit together while maintaining social distancing from others. Other changes you may not


Open Gate continues to do Ministry during this time.

Wee Care Daycare is open.

We are still not able to provide childcare services. We are working to have play areas for little children with toys sanitized in the same standards and methods as the daycare

 Zoom Sunday School will begin in October

 The Covenant Café will continue to provide coffee and light snacks safely

 Hallway areas which we would typically congregate before services will be sectioned off.

 The offering will only be made through the offering box or online

 Service lengths will continue in the reduced format


Broadcasting services are no longer a luxury but necessary for some, so we continue to invest in the necessary equipment to provide a quality broadcast and are constantly working to improve the service. Children’s Ministry has now also moved online, and you can sign up to receive the material so children can participate in the videoed program (Thanks Melissa and Jordan)

Wednesday Night Teens are meeting, and we are working to provide on Facebook and Zoom Board meetings, committee meetings, and Wednesday Study and soon Sunday School and counseling. The good news is that Facebook live feeds are available after the studies as well.


y hard hit by the pandemic- a $1000 from Open Gate donations so far and if you would like to help with a designated gift, please let us know, and we will help make it happen

Thanks for all of you who have remained faithful through these last months, and I am looking forward to when we can come together and worship.


Pastor Bill Belgie
Senior Pastor


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